Here are some healthy products for the home that will be of interest to anyone seeking an alternative medicine approach to wellness.

Products for the Bedroom

Do you struggle to find a comfortable position on your mattress every night due to a back injury or arthritis?  You could benefit from a foam mattress that conforms to every part of your body, providing support.  The problem is that many foam mattresses emit toxic gases.  Learn what type of mattress to buy that is made of a natural substance that is toxic fume free.

What about your pillow?  If you have any kind of neck pain or discomfort you could benefit from a foam pillow that will provide support for this area.  Here again, you wouldn’t want to be inhaling toxic emissions all night, so a natural latex foam pillow would be

Products for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Have you ever wondered what is in the tap water that you and your family are drinking.  The answer is cause for concern.  Learn exactly what is in your drinking water and what criteria to look for when purchasing a water filter.  Our top recommended water filter will provide you with filtered water for $0.10 a gallon.

Do you know that you’re inhaling chloroform when you take a shower?  A shower filter is a relatively inexpensive item that can provide both health and cosmetic benefits.  Chloroform is linked to certain health problems.  Rid your shower of this toxic chemical and enjoy softer skin and hair as well.

Exercise – discover the best method.

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