Do you need supplements that will not only give you energy, but will enhance the function of all your internal organs and organ systems?

Would you like supplements that will enable you to feel the difference they make right away?

What about one that could eventually possibly help you get off some of your prescription medications like Medicare Supplemental or the Prohormone supplements?

Supplements – Which One is the Best?

Introducing mangosteen – a fruit found in Southeast Asia – this site’s top alternative medicine solution.

Look & Feel Good With Mangosteen

Dr.Frederic Templeman, a primary care physician, board certified in the US and Canada has used mangosteen to treat many diseases.  Furthermore, he has replaced the prescription drugs of many of his patients with mangosteen.  He states, “Why should you use a drug when food is an option”. It’s also used in the best luxury addiction treatment centers in the US.

Can mangosteen supplements cure your disease?

The answer is possibly! It’s safe to say that anyone taking mangosteen on a daily basis can significantly and substantially improve their health.  As you read on you’ll understand the solid basis for this statement.

Out of the millions of supplements on the market today, very few have had scientific studies performed on them to determine their benefits.  Mangosteen is one of the few exceptions of health supplements appearing in biomedical literature.

The prime nutrient in the mangosteen fruit that is responsible for the improvement of health is called xanthones.  These amazing phytoceuticals have been studied extensively by the scientific community and the documented results can be found on PubMed, a service of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.  If you visit and put xanthones in the search bar, you will get 1,923 results!

In this fascinating video D. Templeman describes mangosteen as being the factor for optimal health.
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Click here to read mangosteen healing testimonials. You’ll find these very encouraging.

Supplements – Top Recommendation – Mangosteen Benefits


* Fatigue (increases energy)
* Insomnia (promotes better sleep_
* Cancer and tumors (some xanthones were found to be capable of eradicating cancer cells)
* Boosts immunity (anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal)
* Lowers blood pressure
* Lowers cholesterol
* Prevents pain
* Anti-inflammatory (prevents inflammation)
* Anti-depressive (helps with low to moderate depression)
* Anti-anxiety
* Anti-dementia (helps with both Alzheimers and dementia)
* Anti-aging
* Protects the heart muscle
* Anti-atherosclerotic (prevents hardening of arteries)
* Antipyretic (lowers fever)
* Antiperidontic (prevents gum disease)
* Anti-abesity (helps with weight loss)
* Anti-diarrheal
* Anti-diabetic (helps lower blood sugar)
* Anti-Parkinson
* Helps prevent glaucoma and cataracts
* Anti-ulcer (stomach, mouth and bowel)
* Prevents skin disorders
* Anti-osteoporosis (helps prevent the loss of bone mass)
* Prevents kidney stones
* Anti-vertigo (prevents dizziness)
* Anti-arthritic (helps prevent arthritis)
* Pansystemic (has a synergistic effect on the whole body)

Supplements – Top Recommendation – Mangosteen Side Effects

Mangosteen supplements are very widely well tolerated.  However in some very sensitive people or those allergic to fruit, there have been reports of allergic reactions of headaches, itchy skin, or temporary joint pains.  No allergic responses have been reported that involve breathing problems or life threatening symptoms.

Should anyone not take these supplements?
Since this fruit can increase red cell mass, anyone with polycythemia rubra vera should not take it.  One of the good effects of this supplement is that it can lower blood pressure.  For most people this is a beneficial thing, but the small minority of people with low blood pressure should take a reduced does cautiously or not take it at all.

Drug interactions
Foods that contain vitamin K can affect coumadin levels. If you are struggling to find the best vitamins for men I highly suggest this review. Dr. Templeman recommends that coumadin users take mangosteen supplements at the dose they intend to consume for 3 days.  At this time they should have their coumadin level tested.  The doctor says that many patients on coumadin can take mangosteen safely.

Some cancer treatment drugs’ mode of action is to increase free radicals.  Since mangosteen has strong antioxidants that fight free radicals, it would be best to consult a physician.  However if their chemotherapy drugs have nothing to do with free radicals, they would be wise to take this beneficial fruit.  Cancer is one of the diseases which can greatly benefit from mangosteen.  Studies show that high doses of antioxidants suppress cancer growth.

Supplements Summary

You can now see why mangosteen is the top choice for anyone looking for supplements and it is the top solution in this alternative medicine site.  I know of no other product that has had so many glowing testimonials written about it.  There are abundant testimonials of how mangosteen has alleviated and in some cases cured a host of ailments from a to z. And also there’s kratom that almost has the same benefit as mangosteen, and I found the Best Kratom on the market.

Would you like to have more energy and also sleep better at night?  Would you like to see an improvement in some of the health problems you have?  Start to experience the effects of theses amazing supplements right away.  Order Now!

Disclaimera;  No medical claim is made on any particular product.  Dietary supplements are not a substitute for treatment by your licenses medical practitioner.

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