As someone with a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy, I know that traditional prescription drugs have great limitations.  Although it is true that they have saved countliss lives as well as extended lives, they have a big drawback.

There are some illnesses where traditional medicine will get to the actual root of the problem, but more often than not they merely treat the symptoms of disease rather than the root cause.

Furthermore they treat the symptoms at the expense of other organs or organ systems of the body. Even seemingly harmless over the counter medication can have side effects. and many prescription drugs have quite an extensive list of side effects, many of which can be severe.

About 30 years ago I developed an interest in natural health or alternative medicine.  I discovered that many diseases can be alleviated or avoided altogether by abandoning the traditional American diet and replacing ti with a very healthy one.

I found that some nutritional supplements have enormous value in enhancing health without side effects.  The pinnacle of my discoveries was a superfood called mangosteen which has profoundly changed the lives of many.

It’s my desire that the information on this site will be a blessing and help to those who seek to improve their health through natural means.