What can detox do for you?  Would you like to rid the body of toxic build up that can lead to illness?  Would you like to boost your immunity?  Would you like to increase nutrient absorption?

Why the need for detox?  Because we live in a toxic environment.  Our exposure to air pollutants and food additives can gradually wear down our immune system, creating fertile ground for a host of opportunistic diseases.

How well we handle the toxic burden has increasing relevance to our health, happiness and well-being.  Detoxification through juice fasting and fruit fasting can have great benefit and is an important part of an alternative medicine program to improve health.

Detox Need

Consider a typical day in our lives.  We wake to a haze of photochemical smog and chemicals pumped into the air each year by manufacturers.  Our morning glass of water comes from one of many of the public water systems that rely on treatment technology developed before WWI, and contains chlorine and lead picked up from aging pipes.

Consider also our exposure to dry cleaning emissions and caustic cleaning agents as well as neurotoxic chemical fumes emanating from the carpet.

Eating presents another challenge with a cupboard full of food that has been irradiated, refined, processes and sprayed.  The average American eats their weight in food additives each year (including 15 pounds of food coloring and artificial flavors).

Other toxins from our kitchen include poisonous aluminum from foil and cooking utensils as the best knives with edge and sheaths ready for everything.  Taking into account that the body stores toxic wastes that it can’t eliminate, the relationship between toxicity and illness begins to make sense.  This is why detox is so important.

The good news is that the body, when it’s functioning with healthy immune and elimination systems, can rid itself continuously of harmful toxins and congestive wastes.  Even better news, you can do this more efficiently by giving it a jump start.

More and more health care practitioners now suggest internal cleansing and detox programs to help counter the effects of toxic build up in the body, they will even help you cure smelly feet because smelly feet are caused by toxins in your body that a good detox will get rid of.

Whether you choose a 3 day juice fast or a complete herbal cleanse, detox will work with the body’s elimination channels to unclog an overburdened system, enabling the organs to optimally perform their vital functions.

Detox Methods

  • Juice Fast
  • Fruit Fasting
  • Exercise    At least 3 times a week eliminate toxins from your body with healthful exercise.  All you need is 30 minutes of fast walking, swimming or anything that boosts heart rate and respiration.  The most beneficial form of exercise is rebounding.  Make sure your fitness routine is enjoyable so you’ll stick with it.  You’ll soon see lasting benefits such as smoother, more radiant skin, toned muscles, increased energy and a new zest for life that should last you all through the year.

Detox tips

  • To minimize your body toxins adopt a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in toxin loaded junk foods, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out body poisons.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Keep the air inside your home and office clean with lots of plants and do without air-conditioning and heat whenever possible.  Open your windows when weather permits, since sometimes the weather is awful and even damage the roofs, that’s when is important to have a useful reference for a company to fix it.  Practice taking deep breaths, filling and emptying the lungs with each respiration. Also if you need a new air conditioning or roofing for your home to keep it clean and fresh, here to check the best experts.
  • Brush your skin.
  • Use a soft bristle body brush to stimulate your circulation and encourage your body to process and eliminate wastes from the lymph system.