Enjoy a weekend fruit fast designed to clear your body of toxins. Fasting will boost your immune system, slow aging, stabilize your weight, and revive your energy levels. it will also speed up your body’s absorption of nutrients, and make you look better overall, and you can improve it a little more with the help of cosmetic specialist as the Dr. Joseph Racanelli and others.

Fruit Fast Preparation

  • First, prepare for your detox by Detoxic Indonesia and setting aside a quiet three-day weekend when you won’t be disturbed by family or friends.
  • Stock up on enough fruits to last you Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Avoid acidic citrus fruits, but choose a wide variety of others — like apples, grapes peaches, apricots or even kiwi—to keep snack times interesting.
  • Get ready to enjoy your detox fast. Lay In a supply of good books, your favorite CDs and videos you want to see so that you’ll be entertained while you’re fasting.
  • Possibly arrange for a massage to help remove toxins and encourage relaxation while you’re fasting

Fruit Fast Weekend

  • On Friday, ease Into a lighter eating regimen. Concentrate on fruits, vegetables and salads and avoid heavy fried foods, sugary sweets and high-fat snacks.
  • Friday night, take a bath to sweat out toxins. Add about 450 grams of Epsom salts to the warm bath water climb In and relax for about 20 minutes — then dress warmly and go straight to bed. Sometimes sweating can be great for the body, but not when you suffer from hiperhidrosis, it can be very uncomfortable and the only way to cure is through this hyperhidrosis treatment.
  • Eat only fruit on Saturday and Sunday limiting your total intake to about three pounds a day.
  • Engage in moderate exercise during your fast, such as stretches, gentle yoga or pleasant walks.  The activity will stimulate the release of toxins and boost circulation and appetite.
  • Don’t plan to do much. Your energy levels may not be high, and you’d do best to relax, sleep and enjoy your leisure.
  • Expect some side effects from your fast. You may suffer minor constipation, headaches, low ered body temperature and fatigue.These are normal reactions to a fast, but If they worry you check with )our doctor just to be safe.
  • Gradually reintroduce a normal diet after your fast.  Don’t immediately pig out on rich foods.
  • Instead, spend about a week avoiding dairy foods and high-fat meals while your body readjusts itself.
  • Go easy on alcohol and cut caffeine as well.

Fruit Fast Alternative

An alternative to this type of fruit fast is an idea from the book “Fit for Life”, where the authors advise daily fruit fasting until noon.  This is a wonderful way to maintain detox on a daily basis.