What can green tea do for you?  It’s the unique beverage that can soothe but refresh and energize at the same time.  What other beverage can do this! What exactly is it?  It is the non fermented form of black tea.  The leaves have been steamed and dried, but have not been fermented.

Green Tea Benefits

  • Compounds in green tea known as polyphenols have been found to be several times more potent than vitamin C and E, the alleged antioxidant powerhouses.  (Antioxidants combat free radicals, which are known to play a role in many diseases, of course to help with these diseases there are services as Inspire health community that help with this issues)
  • Not surprisingly, green tea is one of the most prescribed herbs in eastern medicine.
  • It is thought to lower cholesterol, prevent heart attacks and help with digestive disorders because it kills the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers still if you have a prior heart condition is better to contact a heart rate watch company.
  • There is evidence that it reduces liver damage as tea drinkers have fewer enzymes that indicate this disease.
  • One way to ease chest congestion and to ease breathing is to drink green tea.
  • In addition it improves the overall functioning of the immune system, as it is thought to stimulate immune cells, specifically B cells, which fight infection by building lymphatic tissue and producing antibodies.  And although it can’t cure AIDS, studies show it may slow down the HIV virus which causes it.
  • Prevent tooth decay which in turn helps to keep teeth whiter, eliminating the need for harsh dental bleaching and combat UV induced skin cancer.
  • An epidemiological study in Japan has shown that people who consume at least one cup of green tea a day, exhibit lower rates on lung or mesothelioma cancer, esophageal, and skin cancer.
  • Helps with weight loss through acceleration of metabolism and fat oxidation.
  • Green tea helps maintain levels of nervous system messengers that keep the body running at a higher level.
  • Recent studies suggest that stimulating drinks, specifically green tea may boost fertility.  More research on the connection with fertility is needed.
  • Another benefit comes from just taking 5 minutes out of a busy day to breathe, regroup, and be social.

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Green Tea Precautions

  • To avoid the effects of too much caffeine, it’s best not to take more than 4 cups each day.
  • Problems have been reported with green tea extract.  It’s best to take the natural tea itself, rather than bombard your body with the extract.
  • f you are sensitive to caffeine, then cut back on the amount you drink.

Green Tea Drinking Guidelines

  • Maximum health benefits of green tea are achieved by drinking 4 cups each day.  But even 1 or 2 cups daily can be beneficial.
  • Unlike black tea, don’t boil green tea.  Steep it for 2 to 4 minutes to develop the most flavor.
  • Loose teas are recommended over tea bags.  The less processed the tea, the more benefit there is.  The tea found in tea bags is ground up into very tiny particles, which results in less flavor and poorer quality than that found in loose.  Furthermore, a chemical residue remains in tea bags.  Loose tea is more economical since good quality tea can be reinfused up to3 times.
  • Organic tea is preferred over regular tea because it is grown without fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.
  • It is better to sip a cup of tea several times a day than to consume it all at once.  So enjoy and drink to your good health! and if you are interested in knowing more about other different natural home remedies check in and find the best ones for your body and mental health.

Do you frequently feel tired and drag yourself through the day? Do you feel lethargic after lunch and need a little something to give you pep for the afternoon? Discover the benefits and the pleasures of becoming a green tea drinker.  Join the many who are passionate about this beverage.