Have you or a loved one received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer?  This devastating diagnosis can leave one reeling.  Is your prognosis grim?

Regardless of your prognosis I can offer you hope.  Not hope based on unsubstantiated claims or wishful thinking, but hope based on scientific studies and ample experiential evidence.

As you read on you’ll understand the basis for this hope.

Cancer Fighting Fruit – The Evidence

Mangosteen, a fruit from Southeast Asia, is the world’s best source of compounds known as xanthones, and have been found to have anti-cancer properties. If you have a relative with cancer HCA are your local caregivers for elders

They have been extensively studied by the scientific community and results of these studies are published on PubMed, an online service of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.


If you put xanthones in the search bar, it brings up over 1900 studies.  If you put mangosteen in the search bar it brings up 128 studies.  In order to narrow the focus down to only cancer, put xanthones cancer in the search bar and it will bring up over 400 studies.

Watch this short but fascinating video below.  You’ll find it very encouraging.

This is an interview with Dr. Fredric Templeman M.D., the world’s foremost expert on the medicinal effects of mangosteen. This physician speaks of tests where human cancer cells from the colon, liver, lung and leukemia were placed in a petri dish.

They were then incubated with xanthones from mangosteen. The results were that in no instance did the mangosteen fail to kill or inhibit the growth of all the cancer cells to which it was exposed!

Dr. Templeman goes on to relate another study where the anti-tumor effect of a xanthone was compared to 6 chemotherapy drugs.  The mangosteen was found to outperform 5 of them!

It should be noted here that Dr. Templeman does not advise discontinuing chemotherapy.  He states that mangosteen should be taken along with chemotherapy.

Cancer Healing Testimonials with Mangosteen

Numerous testimonials of cancer healing from mangosteen can be found online.  If you go to google, and write mangosteen testimonials cancer in the search bar it will bring up many from different sources.  Please click the links below to read some amazing accounts.

You’ll find them most encouraging. “… diagnosed with rectal cancer…”  Click Here

“…she had a growth in her left lung that was cancer…”  Click Here

“…The one thing that stood out was the “C” word – CANCER…”  Click Here

Cancer Fighting Strategy

The 21 day challenge It is recommended that anyone with cancer commit to drink an entire 25 ounce bottle of mangosteen juice every day for 21 days, the person could also take other treatments at Conners Clinic.  In addition to the mangosteen juice, they should drink 1 gallon (which is eight 16 ounce glasses) of pure water to help flush toxins out of the body.

It’s best to spread this out as evenly as possible over the course of the day.  After completion of the 21 day challenge, the daily dose can be reduced.

If mangosteen has been the answer for many people afflicted with cancer, there’s no reason why it can’t be the answer for you.  Don’t wait a moment longer.  Get started immediately on this powerful anti-cancer fruit and begin the journey to regain your health.

The brand of liquid mangosteen that I recommend is Xango.  It contains whole fruit mangosteen, including pulp, rind and seeds and is of the very highest quality.