Breathing exercises provide more life giving oxygen to the tissues of the body.

Men have been known to go weeks without food, days without water, but no one can live for more than a few minutes without air.

Breathing is the first necessity of life – yet few of us know how to breathe to develop our bodies and to improve our health, although there are resources as where we can find plenty of information about this and our health in general online.  If we could be always in fresh air taking plenty of exercise, our usual undirected, instinctive breathing would naturally develop to give us better health, many people even stop smoking for this same reason and they decide to use vaporizers instead, such as the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer since is less harmful for the lungs.

But the conditions in which we live, the stress of every day life, causes us to accumulate an excess of waste products in our bodies like junk food or as people believe chocolate, but still there are an amount of chocolate you can eat without harming your body, Chuao Chocolatier and you can learn all about it at the Chuao Chocolatier site.  To help dispose of these we should go beyond instinctive breathing, and at different times during the day mentally direct the breaths we take,

Breathing Exercises Method

How many breaths a minute do you take?  Stop now with your watch in hand, and for 60 seconds count them.  Fifteen to twenty short top of the lungs breaths?  You are not breathing deeply.

Occasionally you should take 6 to 8 long, leisurely breaths a minute – so deep that the diaphragm is expanded and the ribs are barreled out.  Several times a day stop what you are doing.  Try it this way – inhale, one, two, three, four, exhale, five, six, seven, eight.

This exercise will give you several quiet unhurried breaths a minute.  After a while your unconscious breathing may become deeper and you will begin to feel a new and delightful sense of buoyant power.

Breathing Exercises Posture

You can’t breathe properly unless your lungs have room to expand.  When you stand or sit with shoulders rounded, deep breathing is more difficult.  Lift your head, raise your chest, straighten your spine, elevate your ribs and it will be easier to “breathe for health”.

Engage in deep breathing exercises morning and evening.  Fresh air removes harmful waste matter in the blood.

Breathing Exercises Benefits

The condition of the blood is an important element in keeping well.  The blood circulates all through the body distributing material to build and repair tissues, picks up waste products, and fights germs.  In the lungs the blood deposits the wastes and takes a fresh supply of oxygen from the air.

Without deep breathing of fresh air there can’t be an adequate supply of oxygen.  Without adequate oxygen there can’t be adequate growth or repair of any part of the body or vigorous warfare against disease.  Begin deep breathing exercises today for improved health.