Would you like to flood your body with disease fighting phytochemicals?  Would you like to equip your body’s organs and organ systems with power packed nutrients so they can function in the most optimum way?

Phytochemicals are chemicals derived from fresh raw fruits and vegetables, and are on the forefront of nutritional research, They are vitally important in the prevention of dread diseases such as cancer, as well as less serious ailments like arthritis.

Doctors and nutritionists know that diet and nutrition play an important role in maintaining good health. They recommend eating more fruits and vegetables.  One of the best ways to add fruits and vegetables to your diet is by juicing.

Be sure and drink it soon after it has been prepared.  Don’t save it in the refrigerator for the next day.

If you are overweight or diabetic, don’t drink fruit juice by itself.  It’s best to stick with vegetable juices in these cases.

Juicing for Cancer

Juicing is important in alternative medicine for cancer.  You’ve probably heard of a substance called betacarotine.  It’s a precursor to Vitamin A found in dark leafy greens and yellow fruits and vegetables.  Carrots and citrus, along with kale, brussels spouts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are carotene rich and also packed with Vitamin C.
Many scientists believe these vegetables help the body inhibit numerous types of tumors and cancers, including breast cancer.

Recent studies have demonstrated the more betacarotene you consume, the lower your risk for cancer. An excellent way to get substantial amounts of betacarotene is in your diet each day is by drinking a tall glass of fresh carrot juice. And it’s a whole lot easier than munching on several pounds of raw carrots every day!

Juicing for High Blood Pressure and Joint Pain

Many fresh fruit and vegetable juices are high in potassium and calcium, but low on sodium.  So they are a perfect way to help maintain your blood pressure naturally.  A diet high in potassium and calcium, and low in sodium has been shown for many people to be an effective aid in preventing high blood pressure.

In addition, many people suffering from joint inflammation find they get relief from drinking fresh pineapple juice.
According to eHome Remedies pineapple juice has lots of health benefits. This is because pineapple juice is loaded with an enzyme called bromelain which was discovered in the l950s to have a powerful effect in reducing inflammation.

Organic Juicing

When possible it’s best to use organically grown vegetables.  If you are not using organic produce, then you will always want to remove the peel of the vegetables.  Unfortunately, a lot of the nutrients in vegetables are found within the peel or rind.