Fresh juice is concentrated nutrition and therefore, it’s advisable to get professional advice before you begin. Naturopathic doctors have good knowledge of juicing and therefore can provide excellent advice and that’s why more and more people is getting their juicers online from sites as so they can make their own fresh juice every morning. Anyone interested in juicing for health should follow the precautions below.

Consult your doctor

If you have any health problems especially sugar related (diabetes, hypoglycemia or candida)  you will want to consult your medical doctor or natropath before juicing.  When you juice you are drinking a concentrated form of the fruit or vegetable and the nutrition is released a lot more quickly into the body.

Kidney Stones and Other Kidney Related Problems:

If you suffer from kidney stones. then you will definitely want to avoid juice made from vegetables such as spinach, beets. collard greens and some other vegetables. These vegetabIes are higher in oxalic acid.  If you do suffer from kidney stones or other kidney related problems. then consult your medical doctor or naturopathic doctor before juicing, and depending on what you consume, sometimes is useful to know health emergency techniques as CPR, that you can learn with the Toronto Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR courses that are offered online.

Children and Pregnant Women:

If you are currently pregnant, preparing to get pregnant, are nursing or
just had a medical procedure regarding pregnancy such as tubal reversal procedure or a cesarean section you should consult your doctor before juicing, as there are many studies that talk about the issues or possible adverse effects like the Tubal Reversal Surgeon Columbia SC research which talks about how the drainage has to be taking care of and therefore the juicing has to be an special diet, where you must consume only clear liquids until you pass gas to easily digest your food for a few days.  Certain vegetables or fruits can contain nutrients and minerals that are possibly not safe for a pregnant or nursing mother.  If you are planning on providing the vegetable or fruit juice to your child, then you should also consult your doctor or health care professional.

Green Juice

You need to be more careful when using green juices such as broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale and all other greens.  These juices tend to he more powerful and so you will want to start off slow and gradually increase. Ultimately, you never want more than ¼ of your juice to be green juice.

Never drink my green juices alone, Not only are they powerful in that they can cause loose bowel movements, hut their taste is rather strong. (Green juices are usually mixed with apple. celery, cucumber or carrots.

Remember to chew

Most people. when drinking fresh juice. will just drink it like a glass of water.  But what

you want to do is chew your vegetable juice.  In this way the vegetable juice mixes with your saliva which further helps your body absorb the nutrients in the juice faster.

Start Slowly

If you aw new to juicing, then start slow and gradually introduce vegetable juice to your body.  Fresh vegetable juice is more concentrated than the vegetables you eat.  In addition, the nutrition and benefits of the vegetables are released and available to the body much faster than if your body were digesting a whole vegetable.

If you are new to juicing, then you will want to begin with more basic vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsnips. cucumber, etc. Then with time, gradually introduce the green vegetables such as dandelion leaves, parsley. beet greens. etc.  Wheat grass is a more powerful juice and should he introduced after juicing for a while.

You still need to eat fresh raw fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetable juice is great. hut you are still going to need to eat your veggie too!

Your body is a natural juicer. As an example. when you cat a carrot your body begins to digest it. Essentially. your body extracts the juice from the carrot and then gathers the nutrition from the juice for its bodily functions. Then, the fiber passes through the colon and helps keep you regular.

The benefit of juicing is that you help your body by removing the step required to extract the juice from the vegetable. But in doing so, you also lose the all important fiber.  So continue eating your veggies to get the fiber you need to help maintain regularity, this will help you even with your dental care, although you’ll still need regular check outs in clinics like the AZ dentist from