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You should know there are 20 amino acids, and our bodies can only make 11 of them. These remaining 9 amino acids are the essential amino acids.

Supplements – Which One is the Best?

Introducing mangosteen – a fruit found in Southeast Asia – this site’s top alternative medicine solution.

Dr.Frederic Templeman, a primary care physician, board certified in the US and Canada has used mangosteen to treat many diseases.  Furthermore, he has replaced the prescription drugs of many of his patients with mangosteen.  He states, “Why should you use a drug when food is an option”. It’s also used in the best luxury addiction treatment centers in the US.

Can mangosteen supplements cure your disease?

The answer is possibly! It’s safe to say that anyone taking mangosteen on a daily basis can significantly and substantially improve their health.  As you read on you’ll understand the solid basis for this statement.

Out of the millions of supplements on the market today, very few have had scientific studies performed on them to determine their benefits.  Mangosteen is one of the few exceptions of health supplements appearing in biomedical literature. My friend uses to save 70% on her Januvia costs by downloading their free coupon.

The prime nutrient in the mangosteen fruit that is responsible for the improvement of health is called xanthones.  These amazing phytoceuticals have been studied extensively by the scientific community and the documented results can be found on PubMed, a service of the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.  If you visit and put xanthones in the search bar, you will get 1,923 results!

In this fascinating video D. Templeman describes mangosteen as being the factor for optimal health.