Are some dietary supplements harmful?  Absolutely.  Have you ever taken vitamins, even for a prolonged time, and couldn’t tell that they were making a difference?  Would you like to take a supplement where you can actually “feel the difference” even after a short period, then let me tell you that I purchased mine from here. It is the supplement to take to keep yourself focused whenever you need to.

Dietary supplements can be divided into 3 main categories:  those that are harmful, those that are neither harmful nor beneficial, and those that are both safe and beneficial.  First we’ll talk about the harmful ones, then we’ll give our top recommendations for powerful superfood supplements that will equip you with energy and truly enhance your health you can get from sites as and others. With the help from flex master general’s guide, it helped us know which ones are the best supplements to stay healthy and even grow muscle


Dietary Supplements That Are Harmful

  • Many multivitamins contain iron, which can make the blood more viscus and increase the risk of the formation of blood clots that would lead to a stroke or heart attack.  Never take a vitamin containing iron unless specifically advised by a physician.
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  • Many supplements contain herbs which have side effects, some of which are serious.  Ginko biloba is a popular herb touted for improving memory.  Unfortunately this can cause transient ischemic attacks (mini strokes).
  • Another popular herb is black cohosh which is found in many menapausal remedies.  Anyone with even a mild heart disorder such as a “click” or “skip” should not take this.  Some herbs are harmless and helpful.  Before taking any herb it’s a good idea to look up its side effects to see if there have been reports of serious problems associated with it.
  • Most of the less expensive vitamin supplements are comprised of synthetic rather that natural vitamins.  It’s better to take no vitamins at all than to take the synthetic.  There have been reports of syntheticvitamin C causing thickening of the arteries, synthetic vitamin A linked to birth defects, and synthetic betacarotene and synthetic vitamin E being linked to increased rates of lung cancer and heart attacks.  Some of these can produce a short term increase in energy but do long term damage to the body, there are still good supplements you can get for your body from sites like which has minimum side effect to the body.
  • Vitamins taken in unbalanced quantities can be harmful. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients work in synergy with each other to produce beneficial results.  For example calcium taken without the proper amount of magnesium can cause a build up of calcium plaque in the arteries and can increase calcium in the urinary tract.  In addition, there have been reports of too many vitamins causing liver damage.

Dietary Supplements Which are Safe and Beneficial

Superfoods can be defined as live whole foods (with the enzymatic content intact), which are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, cell salts, antioxidants and phytochemicals.  They assist in protecting the body from free radical damage and contain vital ingredients for optimal health.

Superfoods are more nutrient dense than regular foods and are extraordinary sources of essential nutrients that our body’s are unable to manufacture themselves.  The role of these in the area of alternative medicine is immeasurable. If you are on medicare find out about medicare supplement plan g vs f.

The top rated superfood supplement is mangosteen.  Although a high quality mutivitamin can be helpful, I know of none which have the capability of fighting disease and enhacing health that mangosteen has. It stands head and shoulders above other dietary supplements.

Dietary Supplements Top Recommendations

  • Mangosteen is a fruit found in southeast Asia and is known as the richest source of a phytoceutical called xanthones.  Xanthones have been researched extensively on PubMed by the scientific community and have been found helpful in fighting many diseases.   So much so, that Dr. Frederic Templeton M.D. has used mangosteen to treat many illnesses in his medical practice.  This is my top supplement recommendation for anyone, especially those with a serious illness such as cancer or for those with multiple health problems.  For more information click here.
  • Wheatgrass Supplements or Barley Grass Supplements.  These nutritional wonders can pack a big punch in health enhancing nutrients.  For more information click here.
  • Stabilized Rice Bran dietary Supplements.  The superfood has been called by some as the most nutrient dense food on earth.  There is convincing evidence according to Cultural Health Solutions and other guides along with  abundant testimonials of this being very beneficial in diabetes, lowering cholesterol, and in producing energy. Garcinia and apple cider vinegar have been proven to be excellent wieght loss supplements.   For more information click here.