An amazing superfood is stabilized rice bran, which is frequently referred to as the most nutritious food on earth.  Would you like supplements that give energy and help fight certain diseases without side effects?  Have you tried different supplements and been disappointed because they just didn’t seem to do anything for you?  This is one that won’t disappoint.

Stabilized Rice Bran Benefits

It’s also been called “the most amazing anti-aging health discovery of the century.  It contains all essential vitamins, minerals and other phytoceuticals needed to enhance health and combat aging, although other problems with aging is sometimes having pain in muscles and joints, using supplements as joint flx, help with this issues.  It is great for increasing energy, lowering cholesterol, boosting immunity and inhibiting abnormal cell growth.  It has also helped people with arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a host of other health problems.

Stabilized Rice Bran Nutrients

  • Here is the impressive list of health enhancing phytochemicals
  • Gamma Oryzanol – A powerful antioxidant that is thought of as a tissue healer.  This superfood is the best source of this important nutrient.
  • High quality amino acids (protein) that are very bioavailable.
  • Source of 100 different antioxidants, including tocotrienols antioxidants which are many times more powerful than vitamin E.
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Wonder enzymes including coenzyme Q10 and superoxide dismutase
  • 100s of other nutrients including phytosterols, polyphenols, carotenoids, lecithin, metal chelators and other trace minerals.

This is another superfood that has been studied by the scientific community.  PubMed, an online service of the US National Library of Science and Institute of Health has a few studies published involving this healthful food.

A personal word
I’ve read testimonials of this helping people with multiple sclerosis, diabetes and lowering cholesterol.  They were so grateful they had found this.

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