What role does homeopathic play in alternative medicine?  It may sound too simple to believe, but the therapeutic principle underlying homeopathic is profound.


Homeopathic Theory

Like cures like.  In other words, if you have an itchy rash or even acute chicken pox a homeopath might prescribe Rhus tox, a remedy derived from poison ivy.

You needn’t fear that you’re ingesting the dreadful leaves of poison ivy itself;  homeopathic remedies (customarily in pill form and drawn from a huge repertoire derived from the plant and mineral world) are extremely dilute forms of the original substance – so subtle, in fact, that no chemical trace of the original substance is detectable.

Here is where homeopaths have found that what they call an “infinitesimal does” is sufficient to promote healing.

Homeopathic Uses

Homeopaths frequently treat sore throats, chronic ear infections, pneumonia (more information here), colds, bruises and minor injuries, and childhood illnesses (such as measles, chicken pox and mumps).

For adults, homeopathic treatment can improve and sometimes resolve long-standing complaints such as respiratory problems, skin diseases, rheumatism, epilepsy, digestive problems, reproductive problems, immune system dysfunction, headaches and even emotional instability. After dealing with the difficult decision of receiving IVF Treatment Bangkok it is important to take care of yourself homeopathically.

If you choose to treat yourself homeopathically for first aid and minor ailments, several good books are available on the subject.  Many natural health food stores carry a full inventory of low-potency homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Testomonials


Meghan Malone, a working mother of three, doesn’t think she needs to run to the pediatrician for her kids’ every sniffle.  And frankly, she’s wary of antibiotics.  When her youngest, Kyle, came home with a stuffy nose, sore throat and chills, she gave him a combination homeopathic cold and flu remedy.  The next morning, Kyle joined in the usual raucous morning mayhem at the Malone residence and played some video games by using the best fps gaming mouse and with the help of some guides online that teach him what to play in Overwatch.  His cold was far from gone, but his symptoms had subsided considerably.  By the next day, he was back in school.


Donna Reno’s husband dragged her into the office of Todd Rowe, an M.D. Trained in psychiatry and a licenses homeopathic physician.  Donna didn’t put any stock in homeopathy and was almost certain Rowe couldn’t do anything for her lupus – an autoimmune disease that attacks the joints, muscles and organs – or her chronic back pain.  But nothing else (not even bodybuilding steroids or chemotherapy) had helped.  And her husband Steve, had found that homeopathy had relieved his headaches and sinusitis, and he hoped it could ease the constant pain his wife was in.

After in depth consultation Rowe prescribed a single dose of cali carbonicum, a highly diluted potassium carbonate.  Within a week, Donna’s back pain subsided.  Within a month, her lupus symptoms had abated.  She hasn’t had a flare up in three years.

These scenarios illustrate the value of homeopathy and the possibilities it has to offer.  In classic homeopathy a practitioner explores a patient’s physical, mental and emotional symptoms, then prescribes a single-ingredient remedy.