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Its core principle is that toxins in the body cause disease;  removing toxins through the use of natural remedies helps the body regain health and balance, and if you just want your body to look better you can simply get a cosmetic surgery financing to be able to practice all the procedures you may need.


Naturopathic Training

Today naturopaths must complete a rigorous four-year medical training at a naturopathic college.  They are licensed to practice in several states where they are considered primary health providers, the same status as medical doctors.  In those states their fees are reimbursed by most insurance companies.

Because of patchy state regulations naturopaths actually practice in 25 states, though treatment in some of these states may not be covered by health insurance.

Today, a naturopath’s professional training qualifies him or her to use several forms of treatment, including clinical nutrition (naturopathic training provides 200 hours of clinical nutrition, compared to 20 hours for medical doctors), dietary education, homeopathy, herbal medicine, water therapy, soft tissue and chiropractic-like manipulation and massage, psychological counseling, Oriental medicine (including acupuncture), obstetrics and proper used of machines including Iontophoresis Machine.



Naturopathic – Alternative to Traditional Medicine

People frequently come to naturopaths when allopathic medicine has failed to resolve chronic medical conditions such as depression, high blood pressure, immune system dysfunction or heart disease.

Naturopathic physicians encourage patients to see them as primary care providers for natural therapeutics (including prenatal and postnatal care, and home childbirth), except for cases requiring major surgery, or plastic surgery with the Plastic Surgeon Phoenix.

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Two high-caliber American colleges, an aggressive physicians’ organization and considerable scientific research support the revival in naturopathic treatments.

The most recent research documents reveal the  success of naturopathic in treating otitis media (common childhood ear infections), high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.

Naturopathic Testimonial

Becky Campbell never liked taking lots of pharmaceutical drugs, but for several years antibiotics were antibiotics were her only defense against recurring sinus and upper respiratory infections, she always was worried because there were people that become addicted to this sort of drugs and have take detox treatments from sites as to fix this.

After some time, her family switched to an insurance company that listed a naturopathic physician as one of its participating providers.  Under the care of a naturopathic physician in San Diego, Campbell replaced her antibiotics with a regimen that included raw garlic, hot and cold chest compresses, vitamin A and C to boost the immune system and promote healthy mucous membranes, and the herbs echinacea and goldenseal, both of which are highly regarded for their immune support and anti-microbial properties.

On her first attempt with this approach, the infection lingered longer than if she had taken antibiotics.  But it did clear up and she was thrilled;  it was the first time she had beaten an infection without antibiotics.

Campbell’s sinus trouble continued, but as she persevered with natural remedies, she noticed two important changes:  The natural remedies worked more quickly with each new infection, and the infections grew fewer and farthe between.